Tuesday, September 8, 2009

well... lets see.. another ordinary day..

School's started already and it's soooo tiring!! Although it was the same people and mostly the same teachers too, I feel like the yr 11 thing is stuffed up my face every second of the day. Every teacher that enters the soom tells us the same thing: you are now a senior of the school! so you have to behave like one! you are no more yr 10! you have o levels and mocks and trials and assessments... blabla blabla.... stressing man, stressing.......the first week was, otherwise ok besides the hw..
Anyway, today was really tiring especially cuz we had extra classes ( and we're going to have them till we graduate...) I came home and almost immediately had piano class ( i thought i was gonna fall asleep while playing). When it was finally over. I decided to IMMEDIATELY get down to bussiness and finish my homework.. ( fat chance of that happening..) I was barely halfway before i fell asleep.. ( i'm so full of deternination, i know)... and by the time i woke up it was 7pm.. where i decided to facebook, blog and think.. ( yeah, you know, of all the things i could be doing..)
well, ( sigh) I can't get 'someone' out of my mind!! ( random change of subject....) ok wtv.... what am i thinking.. myb this blog is dangerous after all... ha! ( ok that was lame...)

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