Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wiped out

Gosh! I'm so tired.. I sleep for like 2hrs ++ in the afternoon these days. Homework is scarce, though which is such fantastically fantastic thing to be happening. I seriously can't wait for the raya break to start so i'll get some time off school. Today I had econs for extra-classes after school. It was ok.
I'm happy ( although still tired! don't forget to include the tired part in every sentence...) cuz I managed to do something I never thought i'd be able to get used to fast. I feel great!! ( but tired) Today I came back from school and had piano as usual. I'm learning to play canon in D ( yay! finally) and then I resisted the urge to fall asleep ( cuz i was tired..XD) and did some read-through of todays notes ( yay notes). I wanted to use the use the PC but i resisted that urge too and read the bible and did my churchy homework which was awesome.. ( as i said, the reason i'm happy besides the much-repeated fact that i was tired.)
I finally feel like a weight has been lifted in me ( corny but true.) . It feels great and i'm not repeating the word tired again cuz i'm guessing that your tired of me saying i'm tired ( lame but most probably true..).
well, about it for today. so ( not saying i'm tired), today was gooooooooooooddd!!

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