Monday, November 16, 2009

Why On Earth Am I Typing This..

well.. lemme see.. where should i begin... oh yeah... I have no idea why I'm bloggin when i have better things to do like -oh! i don't know- dry my hair cuz it's still in a wet towel on my head?.. or hmmm. study for my mocks cuz i have bio on wed n two papers- a/o n physics- (my worst nightmares ) ON MY BIRTHDAY... i know.. lucky me. So anyway, my week was horrible cuz the papers were pretty tough but oso good in a way cuz i got them over with.. jus a few more!!! better go dry my hair...
haiz... can't help thinking of you..... i'm a fool....ha

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wiped out

Gosh! I'm so tired.. I sleep for like 2hrs ++ in the afternoon these days. Homework is scarce, though which is such fantastically fantastic thing to be happening. I seriously can't wait for the raya break to start so i'll get some time off school. Today I had econs for extra-classes after school. It was ok.
I'm happy ( although still tired! don't forget to include the tired part in every sentence...) cuz I managed to do something I never thought i'd be able to get used to fast. I feel great!! ( but tired) Today I came back from school and had piano as usual. I'm learning to play canon in D ( yay! finally) and then I resisted the urge to fall asleep ( cuz i was tired..XD) and did some read-through of todays notes ( yay notes). I wanted to use the use the PC but i resisted that urge too and read the bible and did my churchy homework which was awesome.. ( as i said, the reason i'm happy besides the much-repeated fact that i was tired.)
I finally feel like a weight has been lifted in me ( corny but true.) . It feels great and i'm not repeating the word tired again cuz i'm guessing that your tired of me saying i'm tired ( lame but most probably true..).
well, about it for today. so ( not saying i'm tired), today was gooooooooooooddd!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

yesterday and today..... heeee~

I was so tired yesterday I decided to write about yesterday today... So basically yesterday I woke up to an empty house..( my mum was out in the office, my dad and bro at the courts) So I made my own breakfast ( ohhh! I'm so proud of myself).. Then at 12 my mum picked me, Ruth, wayne n me bro to the office. We had lunch there( wayne and Ruth were ravenous- esp wayne) and then we made some hilarious( in my opinion) videos... which we watched and rewatched and rewatched....
Then, from there we headed for church. We spent one hour in a room practicing posing since we ( me n leoneee) were supposed to be mof mascotts ( is that how u spell it?)... So we posed, and posed and posed ( and i could fill the whole page with the word posed but I won't for reader's sake)... where somewhere along the way i realised i totally sucked at it and had absolutely no experience in the 3-inch heels ( or wtv) department. It made me walk like a penguin.. (or a deformed duck- depending on how you look at it.. not that I'm saying penuins are deformed ducks... ok that was lame).
Service was good and so was cell group... We left just before it was over to get ready. I was kinda nervous cuz i didn't know how long I'd last standing there.. The posing was really tiring. We had to stand there ( rules: no moving no smliling no laughing.) like statues except i sucked at that too.. I was wobbling and wobbling all the way through.. And there were 'spectators' who waved chewing gum and bao in your face... At first it was really hard not to laugh but then slowly i got used to it.... ( but not the heels, they were killing me...)
We didn't get to the last pose before it was over.. and i laughed ( sort of ) at the pictures ruth took... phew! i finally finished... Now, for today. It's only half over so i don't need to write that much( hooray) Today was ok. ( there! lame but very informative)..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

well... lets see.. another ordinary day..

School's started already and it's soooo tiring!! Although it was the same people and mostly the same teachers too, I feel like the yr 11 thing is stuffed up my face every second of the day. Every teacher that enters the soom tells us the same thing: you are now a senior of the school! so you have to behave like one! you are no more yr 10! you have o levels and mocks and trials and assessments... blabla blabla.... stressing man, stressing.......the first week was, otherwise ok besides the hw..
Anyway, today was really tiring especially cuz we had extra classes ( and we're going to have them till we graduate...) I came home and almost immediately had piano class ( i thought i was gonna fall asleep while playing). When it was finally over. I decided to IMMEDIATELY get down to bussiness and finish my homework.. ( fat chance of that happening..) I was barely halfway before i fell asleep.. ( i'm so full of deternination, i know)... and by the time i woke up it was 7pm.. where i decided to facebook, blog and think.. ( yeah, you know, of all the things i could be doing..)
well, ( sigh) I can't get 'someone' out of my mind!! ( random change of subject....) ok wtv.... what am i thinking.. myb this blog is dangerous after all... ha! ( ok that was lame...)

Monday, August 24, 2009


oooooohhh.. I'm back on my dying blog... yay... anyway the holidays are going boringly fine.. The amazing race took place a few days ago... I actually started off fine and ended up with aching legs and a red face.. guess i wasn't up for it after all... but it was fun watching how other teams did on video..
Today I followed my fam to the office and we had worship, etc etc. Roosty was there too... My legs are still aching and so's my butt... ( haha).. School's nearly here... ahhhhhhhhh~ not really enthusiastic about it...( naturally)..
Looking forward for the last 10days of my hols..... well, I've got nothing much to type.. hope my blog won't be extinct by the time i come for another update...( hardy har har...)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Been awhile... again.. haha.. main reason: laziness.... oh yeah and cuz I didn't feel like it.. Anyway today was fine.. went to mid valley...where on the way i was stuck in a horrible jam...and it was 10am for pete's sake.. i book-shopped there and found nothing.. shame..then we( me n my mum) had mc d there.. before we rushed home cuz i had tuition.. it was tiring but i lived through it.. yeah.... then i was tv before deciding that it was centuries since id used the comp n went on... where my msn decided to fail me again... ahhrgh... seriously! Anyway... so that's about my day so far...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today was pretty boring school-wise... I was stuck watching rainforests on tv( in school) which was really educational but in my situation- BORING.. then i got my A/O marks which.... well ... nevermind let's not talk about A/O.. I was SO glad to be home after 1hr++ of bowling ( result: sore arm, sore thighs...)
But lets look at the brightside... I hung out with Ness... laughed a lot, sanitized her eye ( wink wink towards Nessie..) and managed to -in the end- pass A/O ( great.. I'm still talking about A/O)...
Then, it was home sweet home.. where I ate lotsa junk and watched tv.. I kept having this urge to study and mind the time before I reminded myself that the exams were finished..( yeah.. I know.. I'm so weird.. did I jus call myself weird? o well..)
Then I had a looooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg phone call which kept breaking off cuz of first batt. loss n then credit loss.. haha..and then dinner.... oh yeah.. and I had my mum's home made classic pudding!!! with caramel!! awesome...!! yeah.. pretty much my day...........

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the long lost blogger updates rusting blog...

Once upon a time in a land far far away........ just joking.. call me lame: WHATEVER! wooooooo~ I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exams are finally ooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!! excuse my hyperness but I can't help it.. it feels like i haven't used the pc for years...!!!
Anyway, today I had a/o (add maths) as my last exam... It was SO HARD...then I went for a hangout with bell, adrian, josie, kp, prune, and lots of other ppl.. anyway, we watched ice age which I think was really nice..funny.. at least( i'm sure) much better than that call me to hell/bring me to hell/ push me to hell/pull me to hell/drag me to hell( yeah, i think it's this one).. or whatever it was called.....I would NEVER watch that... NEVER.. muahahahahaahahahahahahaha...! ( being hyper again)
Anyway just wanted u guys to know that I was still alive and blogging after a short break... sigh.... phew... now lets download DS games!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


yay.... back on my blog.... Missed a post yesterdy cuz it was too horrid to describe.. ( and I'm sure you don wanna hear it anyway..) .. Well, I lived through yestersay ( thank God) so I guess I'm here to tell you about today.. Looks like yesterday's stuff tinted today's stuff so today wasn't all that smooth either.. I guess I finally get what is hurt... gee, I haven't felt the full force of that emotion for a I guess I got my test.. ( hooray).. Well, today was the usual. Church.... hehe I arrived early in the morning with my family ( at church) and I sat there and managed to get some studies done. Afterwhich the service started. It was good. I then followed my fam out for lunch and had chicken rice.. some random grandma and a kid just walked over to our table and took our tissue..( how polite) while I just stared.. manners ppl, manners! Then I went home for a short rest before heading back to church where I had hip hop.. It was kinda tiring..and then I went home.. The feeling haunted all through the day and it wasn't exactly a cup of tea for me.. But then I guess I've learned to forgive entirely and try to bring things back to how they were although I know it won't be a piece of cake...( excuse me for the tea thing and the cake thing.. I'm not hungry don worry)... But hey, it's worth trying.. anything not to let the fallen angel be happy about.. seriously.. and anything to get me a plaster over my wound..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Talk about being cranky.....

Phew.. finally the weekends are here!! and thank God we have 2days midterm break.. that makes 4 days of no school... ooo~ and don forget A4J.. 9 days no skool!! yay! ( although I do know I'm gonna have piles of work when I come back but still....)..

Welllll, skool today was fine except that I was really tired.. and irritated. Nk and I were suffering the same symptoms so we were moaning and moaning until we started laughing..yeah.. so basically we were like totally retarded.. etc etc..and I was so happy that classes were over at 2 that I started saying bye bye to everythin and everyone in class in a retarded accent.. ( cm on.. being lame n retarded once in a while is acceptable right.. ) Definig once in a while- every minute...

After school today I found out I had no extra class( nice of them to inform us sooooo early....) so since boops had prefect meeting, I was doomed to the dining hall.. Before retreating there though, Komal n I went on a school tour where I found my mum( surprise surprise.. it's a miracle..) and she found whoever she was looking for.. My mum, bro and I decided to kill time by waiting in the korean restaurant next door.. too bad I didn't bring my phone or I would have taken pictures.. I ordered one item on the menu- kimbab- but there were at least five plates of food there.. It was yummy.. hehe.. then a pissed boopsy called my mum asking where we were (oops) and we decided to go back where she had lots to say about our disappearing act( e.g. betrayer, ahhhh~, BETRAYER, ahhh~) etc..

After I reached home I decided to carry on with my quest to complete the paper rose 'fold-ation' and succeeded.. :

... And then I fell asleep... till 7pm.. I woke up and decided to download a ds game.. some make up thing.. ( now that I started playing it, I realise I really do suck. I failed every test..).. hardy har har....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

oooh~ A relatively goood day...

Today started off with me rushing to school.. Boops, Wayne n me ( my bro was in tournmnt) ate breakfast in the car. I was in a pretty energetic mood cuz i woke up around 5 minutes later than I usually do( see? 5mins can make such a diff.) - which explains why I was rushing.. Lessons made themselves scarce today as we had 3hrs of non-sititng-in-the-class lessons consisting of mainly P.E and activities.. and the remaining 3periods- two of our teachers were absent.. which was why I spent it reading through bio, learning how to fold a paper rose( which i totally failed to complete) from a korean guy in my class and singing a korean song- ( where most of them joined in and the sub. teach kept telling us to shut up in a polite way)..after lunch we went for activities . We played futsal again and I felt hot and stuffy after only one match where I was the defender and got kicked twice by some person who probably thought my legs looked like footballs.. After a break I decided I wasnn't gonna go back to the court so I looked for a vacant fan I could use to cool myself down.. Oh yeah Ruth was in the same place for act. today.. we just sat under the fan afterwards and took pictures, she listened to an mp3/4 or wtv..and I talked..then after a sweaty day in school we went home and then Boops came over for violin lesson together.. It was tiring but gave me more confidence for wednesday morning.

After my bro came back from his tournament, ( since he won the whole thing),we decided to give him a treat by going to his fav restaurant in mid valley... where I decided todays shoot was gonna be on:

Fried rice and pork chop..( sry for the non-halalness)

My fav.. beef noodles..

A very nice sort of sweet thing..


And I think my bro really did enjoy it.. :

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pretty okay-day..

Hmm.. today was tiring but i've gotten tired of being tired( does dat make sense?) Anyway, I had like 3 n a half hours of a/o today: normal class, extra-class and tuition.. I think i over-excercised my brain in the maths department.. as it is, i already suck at it.. I didn't take a nap today cuz i had no time.. Then after tuition ( thank God), I did some revision before eating dinner and then ruth came over for our second vio practice.. and well.. I couldn'd resist taking a pic or two of her drinking milk...:

Actually, I just found out this was the first time she was drinking fresh milk for the past two years!! wow..

oh yea, and today when my mum was cooking, she showed me something totally awesome!!:

These plastic like things, they actually come from the insides of this thing:

.... Squids...! and i seriously never knew...i actually thought my mum was tricking me or something ( becuz of my lack of knowledge in the kiychen/ cooking dep.)
I think i spent at least 15mins playing with the pieces of plastic before finally jumping around and taking photos while telling my mum that this was sooo cool ( haha.. lame.. but cm on! it's cool k? i never knew squids had pieces of plastic inside them..)
Anyway, today was basically a good day.. and a good practice with Ruth.. the only thing that kinda dampened my mood was something i read today.. I'm just wondering.......why..?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Irritating much..?

Well today was kinda irritating. I was so tired and by the end of school, home felt like heaven.. I didn't take any pics cuz my phone was charging. I didn't have anything to take today anyway. It was raining after school today and my mum waited for me in the dining hall. I was irritated on the way back to the car for reasons not convenient to be shared. I fell asleep in the car till we were in the parking lot. A while after reaching home, I had piano lesson. After a mug of yoghurt, I decided to do my unfinished a/o hw. After half an hour of exercising my brain, I gave up on 4 of the sums ( which was more han half of them) and decided to move on to bio... Then I used the pc. Trying my very very best to download games for my ds.. unsuccessfully... ( I'm as good at the computer as a horse is at climbing a tree). So I gave up and wrote my blog instead..which is what i'm doing right now.. har har.. there..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing Special..

Well.. today was the usual.. wake up half asleep in the morning.. drag myself to the car.. nearly fall asleep during lessons.. and yeah.. etc etc etc..
We had B.M extra class in the afternoon and it was pretty boring. Then I went home with ruth n wayne. We had a 'photo shoot' in ruth's car with her phone since she brought.. we went wild.. ( ok I did most of the time.. ) anyway when i got home ( yay! home sweet home.. ) and i tried ( believe me I did) to convince myself that i wasn't sleepy and that I'd finish my bio, chem, and a/o homework today (not happening.. i barely finished my bio and still have a kidney to draw.. yay kidney..)
Anyway, I fell asleep ( I know. I'm so determined aren't I ) and ( yippee me) woke up at 6.30... which is precisely why i have a kidney to draw( yay kidney.. again.. i told ya i'm lame).. Then I had dinner before ruth came over for our first vio practice of this week.. we played.. and talked.. and played.. and- ok u get the point.. and - of course- took pictures!:

This is Ruthbell...

... and ruthbell...

and ruthbell again...

.. And Ruthbell.......!!!( lame alert!) ( not her.. me)

.. And after practice, I found that my mum had made my fav hungarian dessert ( is dat how u spell it?) which is actually sweet porridge but it's cooked in milk.. ( I hv completely no idea what i'm talkin abt) so see for urself:

That's choco powder on top.. i know it doesn't look wonderful but that's just cuz it's not photogenic( lol) .. kinda like me..hehe
anyway, now that my tum tum is satisfied and I've written my blog-ster, i'm gonna hunt the internet for some ds games... there'd better be worms! ( the game not the biologial creature)..( ok.. i'm shutting up now..)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Looooooong Day...and a long entry.. hehe

Today I woke up in the morning to find my family leaving to church for their lesson.. I was to be picked up by aunty jen so i had time to shower and do all the neccessary stuff.. After a satisfying breakfast of pancakes, I set off with Ruth to church- and decided to start my photo shooting asap...:

A new way of wearing your earings..

We had service as usual..:

Ruth's muscular arm...

Ruth's modified muscular arm..

Anyway, today's service was awesome.. i could feel the prescence of the Holy Spirit and i felt like cryin, i was so touched.. haha
So, after service we went for lunch( my fam n Ruthy) and i still would not leave my phone/cam alone( it's interesting ok?):
my mum n dad starting a phone fiesta .. ( cm on.. i was bored..)

so I decided to play ds..

........After a satisfying lunch ( sry i was too hungry to bother taking a pic when there was actually food on the plates)

And then we headed back to church again.

... and did hw..
.. and played psp..

.. Before we went for hip hop. Woo! it was GREAT! We finally finished the dance.. hehe.. i was so tired.. but i had praise and worship practice. After which.. we went home.. but not before some photos( hehe):

wayne didn't agree to do this but good thing RUTHBELL AGREED! SHE'S SUCH A GOOD FRIEND! DO YOU HEAR DAT WAYNE??! IN YOUR FACE! ( sticks tongue out.)

phyllis.. and ruth's vio.., shes " wearing it" right right phyllis?? (yea yea i know.. lame lame..w.t.v!)

and then we went home. where yummy dinner was waiting..:

And my dad started cracking jokes when my bro refused to eat the eye of the fish..He was talkin abt some guy who swallowed the eyeball of a fish and it got stuck in his ( ahem) butthole..-- where i reminded him i was EATING. The joke was sooo lame...

Me:( while chewing on a piece of beef) dad, that is sooo lame.

Dad: ( points at the piece of beef) that is not lame( lamb) , it's beef!

Me:(sighing) I thought i was bad..

well i guess i noe where i inherited my lame-ity.. lol

phew.. i finally finished.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today was a tiring day.. sort of.. In the morning there was this haze thinggy (acc to my dad) which could be seen covering the place and my bro said the air smelled horrible.. i was too lazy to try. My dad kept sneezing ( he's really allergic to dust, animal hair, some sort of pollen.. u name it) so he decided to use a really interesting method....:
Yea.. dats my dad..

And then i decided to spend the rest of my time deleting mail messages: 1000+ of them.. before sending one to my "babysitter" in Hungary.. gosh i juz realised my hungarian is deteriorating real fast.. i can barely type it properly..sigh.. o well.
I was so busy doing all that that i forgot the time and had to rush to church for my prophetic class.. :

Where i decided to use my break time to some snapping...

...and found that drawing the lesson out was much more fun.....
After class i waited for the youth church to begin with some candy n entertainment..:

..the entertainment...
and... the candy...

Then we had service.. and went home- wayne driving us.... ( not):

correction: wayne pretending to be driving us..
This blogging thing has really triggered the take- a- pic- of- everything- u -do part of me.. haha
The day was basically fine except i was kinda disappointed or myb hurt... i dunno .. by someone. well i guess it's not the person's fault.. i think. ok it sorta is.. but.. well.. ppl change n i guess u soon realise which friend really matters.. har har~ok im talkin crap again.. i guess i better shut up b4 someone falls asleep from reading this..
-Diary, here i come!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Ah~ This is so irritating... still can't get the stupid blog skin to work... !!!!! ( breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out...) ok. Right.Today was fine. Nothing special except I'm a bit woried that ms. Reddkins is seriously late for her appointment.. ( winks at ruthbell).. Anyway, i'm glad the weekends are finally comin up and I can get a break from school. Can't wait ( as usual ) to go to church.. although i'm gonna stay there for most of my next 48hrs.. but still... Today we had lessons as usual and i got my horrible b.m paper and econs.. my physics teach was absent so i had no extra class ( phew..!). I donno wat else to write.. anyway.. i'll keep ya updated!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Phew.. another day almost over...

Yay! My lets see... is it third? ya i think its the 3rd.. post! i have no idea what interesting stuff to write so i'm just gonna stick with the usual....MY DAY thing... hehe.. call me lame, i'm used to it..i was actually going to write about sports day yesterday but i was too engrossed in my novel that i forgot about it until it was 12 something a.m. and i decided it was seriously not worth opening my computer so late and waiting for everything to load.
Anyway, yesterday was sports day and i was so tired although i didn't participate in any event except march past.I was hot and sticky by the time the opening ceremony was finished. I kept my phone in my pocket and tried to take pictures but standing at ATTENTION and with Mr. Wan standing nearby i could only sneak a shot on the tracks.. It's not really great but hey, at least I managed to get something.. sorta.. i think..
Can you see it?? Ok. i admit it's a bad shot. o well. Lemme explain. those are the opening ceremony balloons which were "released" . You see that tiny speck over there? Yea that's it. ( lame.. but hu cares)..

Yup. This is my house.. ( i mean sports house not where i live) ..CLOVER.. We really suck but lets not get into that.

And this , my friend, was lunch. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. It was so salty, i told Maggie they probably salted the chicken while they were alive..( lame again.. hehe). Good thing my mum got me fried rice ( home made.. hehe) . Sorry no pics since i GOBBLED it up real fast..

Anyway, that was sports day. OOOhhhhhhh~ almost missed out a piece of info.. i saw this hot guy at the stadium. ( winks at ruth) haha.. ok i know you're bored.. let's move on.. hahahahahah~
Back To today.
School was.. um boring i guess.. good thing we didn't have extra class.. phew.. i might have died of boredom.
Ruth came over after school. We were supposed to have violin class but the teacher couldn't make it. So we decided to do homework/ studies together but not before watching tv and munching on some junk.

Ruthbell officially yawning.

And ruthbell was really tired:

hehe.. :D

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just found out that looking for blogskins for one's blog is really hard work man.. It gives me ( and ruthbell) a headache..Anyway, let's start from the beginning of the 26th of may for captian cushion........
In the morning, i had to wake up earlier for sports rehearsals in some bolasepak stadium thing. We ( ruth, wayne, tony n me) arrived early at the stadium and waited till the rehearsals started. Thank God that it was kinda cloudy so we didn't have to march in the sun. I was totally dehydrated by the time i reached the stands( where our seats were) and totally exhausted. The sun had decided to come out at 11 so it wasn't all that bad. Still, my thirst was so overwhelming i couldn't help complaining a little ( come on, we'd been marching for almost 3hrs k?)

ME:Miiiiiiiiiiissssssssss!! I'm thirsty!! i want water....!! ah~~
TEACHER:well there's nothing i can do..
ME:but but but but.. when are we going back then??
TEACHER:in a minute we'll be going back.. and we'll give you a special drink.

In the end, after around 10 minutes, we finally made it back... and the special drink was ( drum roll please): glucose water.... yea.. glucose plus water.. half a cup..

but i was so thirsty, i gulped it all down and finished half a bottle of water plus some gatorade..
after lunch i watched ruthbell run in the 800m race. She was so good!! She got 3rd place. I cheered for her loudly...!

anyway, after rehearsals i went to boops' house where we tried REALLY REALLY HARD to change my blog template. Unfortunately, NO SUCCESS we tried lotsa different ways NOOOOOO-~! some sort of ERROR just had to appear.. in the end.. impatience got the better of us and we decided to give up on the stupid thing.

Anyway, so i'm back home typing comfortably. I just had piano lesson where my piano teacher kept firing questions at me about christianity.. i happily explained to her and was joyful over her enthusiasm. Except that we didnt have time to finish lessons properlybut it was WORTH IT . most definitely..

well tomorrow's sports day, and i seriously hope i don't get real tanned ( o wait, i already am.. o well).. I have a feeling it's gonna be PRETTY busy.. and tiring..(gosh i never stop using that word do i?.. lol) O WELL...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blgging.. hmm

Yay! My first post! To be honest, I never knew what a blog was till about a week ago when Ruth kindly told me.. hehe..
Since i'm supposed to be talking about my day, ( right? ), then yay! lets start!!
Today was most TIRING. I slept at like around 12am( which is probably supposed to be early for some ppl) and found it most difficult to get up for school. I practically brushed my teeth with my eyes closed and somehow managed to get ready and into my dad's car. Ruth, Wayne, Tony and me then went to school. ( Joy..) We were stuck in a jam on the way and i had to use a lot of my leg muscles to walk/run to my class lugging my bag, lunch bag, file( half broken) and two past year books( i.e. really heavy books with more than 200pgs)..
in school, we had march past in the morning( more joy..) and it was really really tiring cosidering i was already tired. It's pretty irritating marching around your school swinging your arms, walking through mud and sand and screaming "left left leftright left" when you're extremely tired- if u know what i mean...
Afterwards we had lessons as usual with our bio teach lecturing us on how much our bio SUCKED.. bla bla bla...-I ''secretly"smuggled bread into my mouth during class so I wouldn't fall asleep.
FINALLY it was lunch time.. which i enjoyed with ruth and others...
After school and after extra classes, we went home. i was worn out..
Anyway..i don't feel like typing anymore.. nothing special.. still contemplating about me and ruth's "talk".. (top secret ah~) although the neighbours probably heard, it we were talking so loud... wtv. TIIIIRRRREEEDDDD~ shall resume tomorrow.. phew!
( what do i write at the end??) ok.. um..
THE END ( i'm lame so sue me ..)