Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pretty okay-day..

Hmm.. today was tiring but i've gotten tired of being tired( does dat make sense?) Anyway, I had like 3 n a half hours of a/o today: normal class, extra-class and tuition.. I think i over-excercised my brain in the maths department.. as it is, i already suck at it.. I didn't take a nap today cuz i had no time.. Then after tuition ( thank God), I did some revision before eating dinner and then ruth came over for our second vio practice.. and well.. I couldn'd resist taking a pic or two of her drinking milk...:

Actually, I just found out this was the first time she was drinking fresh milk for the past two years!! wow..

oh yea, and today when my mum was cooking, she showed me something totally awesome!!:

These plastic like things, they actually come from the insides of this thing:

.... Squids...! and i seriously never knew...i actually thought my mum was tricking me or something ( becuz of my lack of knowledge in the kiychen/ cooking dep.)
I think i spent at least 15mins playing with the pieces of plastic before finally jumping around and taking photos while telling my mum that this was sooo cool ( haha.. lame.. but cm on! it's cool k? i never knew squids had pieces of plastic inside them..)
Anyway, today was basically a good day.. and a good practice with Ruth.. the only thing that kinda dampened my mood was something i read today.. I'm just wondering.......why..?

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