Thursday, June 4, 2009

oooh~ A relatively goood day...

Today started off with me rushing to school.. Boops, Wayne n me ( my bro was in tournmnt) ate breakfast in the car. I was in a pretty energetic mood cuz i woke up around 5 minutes later than I usually do( see? 5mins can make such a diff.) - which explains why I was rushing.. Lessons made themselves scarce today as we had 3hrs of non-sititng-in-the-class lessons consisting of mainly P.E and activities.. and the remaining 3periods- two of our teachers were absent.. which was why I spent it reading through bio, learning how to fold a paper rose( which i totally failed to complete) from a korean guy in my class and singing a korean song- ( where most of them joined in and the sub. teach kept telling us to shut up in a polite way)..after lunch we went for activities . We played futsal again and I felt hot and stuffy after only one match where I was the defender and got kicked twice by some person who probably thought my legs looked like footballs.. After a break I decided I wasnn't gonna go back to the court so I looked for a vacant fan I could use to cool myself down.. Oh yeah Ruth was in the same place for act. today.. we just sat under the fan afterwards and took pictures, she listened to an mp3/4 or wtv..and I talked..then after a sweaty day in school we went home and then Boops came over for violin lesson together.. It was tiring but gave me more confidence for wednesday morning.

After my bro came back from his tournament, ( since he won the whole thing),we decided to give him a treat by going to his fav restaurant in mid valley... where I decided todays shoot was gonna be on:

Fried rice and pork chop..( sry for the non-halalness)

My fav.. beef noodles..

A very nice sort of sweet thing..


And I think my bro really did enjoy it.. :

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