Sunday, June 7, 2009


yay.... back on my blog.... Missed a post yesterdy cuz it was too horrid to describe.. ( and I'm sure you don wanna hear it anyway..) .. Well, I lived through yestersay ( thank God) so I guess I'm here to tell you about today.. Looks like yesterday's stuff tinted today's stuff so today wasn't all that smooth either.. I guess I finally get what is hurt... gee, I haven't felt the full force of that emotion for a I guess I got my test.. ( hooray).. Well, today was the usual. Church.... hehe I arrived early in the morning with my family ( at church) and I sat there and managed to get some studies done. Afterwhich the service started. It was good. I then followed my fam out for lunch and had chicken rice.. some random grandma and a kid just walked over to our table and took our tissue..( how polite) while I just stared.. manners ppl, manners! Then I went home for a short rest before heading back to church where I had hip hop.. It was kinda tiring..and then I went home.. The feeling haunted all through the day and it wasn't exactly a cup of tea for me.. But then I guess I've learned to forgive entirely and try to bring things back to how they were although I know it won't be a piece of cake...( excuse me for the tea thing and the cake thing.. I'm not hungry don worry)... But hey, it's worth trying.. anything not to let the fallen angel be happy about.. seriously.. and anything to get me a plaster over my wound..

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