Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Irritating much..?

Well today was kinda irritating. I was so tired and by the end of school, home felt like heaven.. I didn't take any pics cuz my phone was charging. I didn't have anything to take today anyway. It was raining after school today and my mum waited for me in the dining hall. I was irritated on the way back to the car for reasons not convenient to be shared. I fell asleep in the car till we were in the parking lot. A while after reaching home, I had piano lesson. After a mug of yoghurt, I decided to do my unfinished a/o hw. After half an hour of exercising my brain, I gave up on 4 of the sums ( which was more han half of them) and decided to move on to bio... Then I used the pc. Trying my very very best to download games for my ds.. unsuccessfully... ( I'm as good at the computer as a horse is at climbing a tree). So I gave up and wrote my blog instead..which is what i'm doing right now.. har har.. there..

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