Monday, November 16, 2009

Why On Earth Am I Typing This..

well.. lemme see.. where should i begin... oh yeah... I have no idea why I'm bloggin when i have better things to do like -oh! i don't know- dry my hair cuz it's still in a wet towel on my head?.. or hmmm. study for my mocks cuz i have bio on wed n two papers- a/o n physics- (my worst nightmares ) ON MY BIRTHDAY... i know.. lucky me. So anyway, my week was horrible cuz the papers were pretty tough but oso good in a way cuz i got them over with.. jus a few more!!! better go dry my hair...
haiz... can't help thinking of you..... i'm a fool....ha

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wiped out

Gosh! I'm so tired.. I sleep for like 2hrs ++ in the afternoon these days. Homework is scarce, though which is such fantastically fantastic thing to be happening. I seriously can't wait for the raya break to start so i'll get some time off school. Today I had econs for extra-classes after school. It was ok.
I'm happy ( although still tired! don't forget to include the tired part in every sentence...) cuz I managed to do something I never thought i'd be able to get used to fast. I feel great!! ( but tired) Today I came back from school and had piano as usual. I'm learning to play canon in D ( yay! finally) and then I resisted the urge to fall asleep ( cuz i was tired..XD) and did some read-through of todays notes ( yay notes). I wanted to use the use the PC but i resisted that urge too and read the bible and did my churchy homework which was awesome.. ( as i said, the reason i'm happy besides the much-repeated fact that i was tired.)
I finally feel like a weight has been lifted in me ( corny but true.) . It feels great and i'm not repeating the word tired again cuz i'm guessing that your tired of me saying i'm tired ( lame but most probably true..).
well, about it for today. so ( not saying i'm tired), today was gooooooooooooddd!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

yesterday and today..... heeee~

I was so tired yesterday I decided to write about yesterday today... So basically yesterday I woke up to an empty house..( my mum was out in the office, my dad and bro at the courts) So I made my own breakfast ( ohhh! I'm so proud of myself).. Then at 12 my mum picked me, Ruth, wayne n me bro to the office. We had lunch there( wayne and Ruth were ravenous- esp wayne) and then we made some hilarious( in my opinion) videos... which we watched and rewatched and rewatched....
Then, from there we headed for church. We spent one hour in a room practicing posing since we ( me n leoneee) were supposed to be mof mascotts ( is that how u spell it?)... So we posed, and posed and posed ( and i could fill the whole page with the word posed but I won't for reader's sake)... where somewhere along the way i realised i totally sucked at it and had absolutely no experience in the 3-inch heels ( or wtv) department. It made me walk like a penguin.. (or a deformed duck- depending on how you look at it.. not that I'm saying penuins are deformed ducks... ok that was lame).
Service was good and so was cell group... We left just before it was over to get ready. I was kinda nervous cuz i didn't know how long I'd last standing there.. The posing was really tiring. We had to stand there ( rules: no moving no smliling no laughing.) like statues except i sucked at that too.. I was wobbling and wobbling all the way through.. And there were 'spectators' who waved chewing gum and bao in your face... At first it was really hard not to laugh but then slowly i got used to it.... ( but not the heels, they were killing me...)
We didn't get to the last pose before it was over.. and i laughed ( sort of ) at the pictures ruth took... phew! i finally finished... Now, for today. It's only half over so i don't need to write that much( hooray) Today was ok. ( there! lame but very informative)..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

well... lets see.. another ordinary day..

School's started already and it's soooo tiring!! Although it was the same people and mostly the same teachers too, I feel like the yr 11 thing is stuffed up my face every second of the day. Every teacher that enters the soom tells us the same thing: you are now a senior of the school! so you have to behave like one! you are no more yr 10! you have o levels and mocks and trials and assessments... blabla blabla.... stressing man, stressing.......the first week was, otherwise ok besides the hw..
Anyway, today was really tiring especially cuz we had extra classes ( and we're going to have them till we graduate...) I came home and almost immediately had piano class ( i thought i was gonna fall asleep while playing). When it was finally over. I decided to IMMEDIATELY get down to bussiness and finish my homework.. ( fat chance of that happening..) I was barely halfway before i fell asleep.. ( i'm so full of deternination, i know)... and by the time i woke up it was 7pm.. where i decided to facebook, blog and think.. ( yeah, you know, of all the things i could be doing..)
well, ( sigh) I can't get 'someone' out of my mind!! ( random change of subject....) ok wtv.... what am i thinking.. myb this blog is dangerous after all... ha! ( ok that was lame...)

Monday, August 24, 2009


oooooohhh.. I'm back on my dying blog... yay... anyway the holidays are going boringly fine.. The amazing race took place a few days ago... I actually started off fine and ended up with aching legs and a red face.. guess i wasn't up for it after all... but it was fun watching how other teams did on video..
Today I followed my fam to the office and we had worship, etc etc. Roosty was there too... My legs are still aching and so's my butt... ( haha).. School's nearly here... ahhhhhhhhh~ not really enthusiastic about it...( naturally)..
Looking forward for the last 10days of my hols..... well, I've got nothing much to type.. hope my blog won't be extinct by the time i come for another update...( hardy har har...)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Been awhile... again.. haha.. main reason: laziness.... oh yeah and cuz I didn't feel like it.. Anyway today was fine.. went to mid valley...where on the way i was stuck in a horrible jam...and it was 10am for pete's sake.. i book-shopped there and found nothing.. shame..then we( me n my mum) had mc d there.. before we rushed home cuz i had tuition.. it was tiring but i lived through it.. yeah.... then i was tv before deciding that it was centuries since id used the comp n went on... where my msn decided to fail me again... ahhrgh... seriously! Anyway... so that's about my day so far...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today was pretty boring school-wise... I was stuck watching rainforests on tv( in school) which was really educational but in my situation- BORING.. then i got my A/O marks which.... well ... nevermind let's not talk about A/O.. I was SO glad to be home after 1hr++ of bowling ( result: sore arm, sore thighs...)
But lets look at the brightside... I hung out with Ness... laughed a lot, sanitized her eye ( wink wink towards Nessie..) and managed to -in the end- pass A/O ( great.. I'm still talking about A/O)...
Then, it was home sweet home.. where I ate lotsa junk and watched tv.. I kept having this urge to study and mind the time before I reminded myself that the exams were finished..( yeah.. I know.. I'm so weird.. did I jus call myself weird? o well..)
Then I had a looooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg phone call which kept breaking off cuz of first batt. loss n then credit loss.. haha..and then dinner.... oh yeah.. and I had my mum's home made classic pudding!!! with caramel!! awesome...!! yeah.. pretty much my day...........