Saturday, September 12, 2009

yesterday and today..... heeee~

I was so tired yesterday I decided to write about yesterday today... So basically yesterday I woke up to an empty house..( my mum was out in the office, my dad and bro at the courts) So I made my own breakfast ( ohhh! I'm so proud of myself).. Then at 12 my mum picked me, Ruth, wayne n me bro to the office. We had lunch there( wayne and Ruth were ravenous- esp wayne) and then we made some hilarious( in my opinion) videos... which we watched and rewatched and rewatched....
Then, from there we headed for church. We spent one hour in a room practicing posing since we ( me n leoneee) were supposed to be mof mascotts ( is that how u spell it?)... So we posed, and posed and posed ( and i could fill the whole page with the word posed but I won't for reader's sake)... where somewhere along the way i realised i totally sucked at it and had absolutely no experience in the 3-inch heels ( or wtv) department. It made me walk like a penguin.. (or a deformed duck- depending on how you look at it.. not that I'm saying penuins are deformed ducks... ok that was lame).
Service was good and so was cell group... We left just before it was over to get ready. I was kinda nervous cuz i didn't know how long I'd last standing there.. The posing was really tiring. We had to stand there ( rules: no moving no smliling no laughing.) like statues except i sucked at that too.. I was wobbling and wobbling all the way through.. And there were 'spectators' who waved chewing gum and bao in your face... At first it was really hard not to laugh but then slowly i got used to it.... ( but not the heels, they were killing me...)
We didn't get to the last pose before it was over.. and i laughed ( sort of ) at the pictures ruth took... phew! i finally finished... Now, for today. It's only half over so i don't need to write that much( hooray) Today was ok. ( there! lame but very informative)..

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