Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing Special..

Well.. today was the usual.. wake up half asleep in the morning.. drag myself to the car.. nearly fall asleep during lessons.. and yeah.. etc etc etc..
We had B.M extra class in the afternoon and it was pretty boring. Then I went home with ruth n wayne. We had a 'photo shoot' in ruth's car with her phone since she brought.. we went wild.. ( ok I did most of the time.. ) anyway when i got home ( yay! home sweet home.. ) and i tried ( believe me I did) to convince myself that i wasn't sleepy and that I'd finish my bio, chem, and a/o homework today (not happening.. i barely finished my bio and still have a kidney to draw.. yay kidney..)
Anyway, I fell asleep ( I know. I'm so determined aren't I ) and ( yippee me) woke up at 6.30... which is precisely why i have a kidney to draw( yay kidney.. again.. i told ya i'm lame).. Then I had dinner before ruth came over for our first vio practice of this week.. we played.. and talked.. and played.. and- ok u get the point.. and - of course- took pictures!:

This is Ruthbell...

... and ruthbell...

and ruthbell again...

.. And Ruthbell.......!!!( lame alert!) ( not her.. me)

.. And after practice, I found that my mum had made my fav hungarian dessert ( is dat how u spell it?) which is actually sweet porridge but it's cooked in milk.. ( I hv completely no idea what i'm talkin abt) so see for urself:

That's choco powder on top.. i know it doesn't look wonderful but that's just cuz it's not photogenic( lol) .. kinda like me..hehe
anyway, now that my tum tum is satisfied and I've written my blog-ster, i'm gonna hunt the internet for some ds games... there'd better be worms! ( the game not the biologial creature)..( ok.. i'm shutting up now..)

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