Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Looooooong Day...and a long entry.. hehe

Today I woke up in the morning to find my family leaving to church for their lesson.. I was to be picked up by aunty jen so i had time to shower and do all the neccessary stuff.. After a satisfying breakfast of pancakes, I set off with Ruth to church- and decided to start my photo shooting asap...:

A new way of wearing your earings..

We had service as usual..:

Ruth's muscular arm...

Ruth's modified muscular arm..

Anyway, today's service was awesome.. i could feel the prescence of the Holy Spirit and i felt like cryin, i was so touched.. haha
So, after service we went for lunch( my fam n Ruthy) and i still would not leave my phone/cam alone( it's interesting ok?):
my mum n dad starting a phone fiesta .. ( cm on.. i was bored..)

so I decided to play ds..

........After a satisfying lunch ( sry i was too hungry to bother taking a pic when there was actually food on the plates)

And then we headed back to church again.

... and did hw..
.. and played psp..

.. Before we went for hip hop. Woo! it was GREAT! We finally finished the dance.. hehe.. i was so tired.. but i had praise and worship practice. After which.. we went home.. but not before some photos( hehe):

wayne didn't agree to do this but good thing RUTHBELL AGREED! SHE'S SUCH A GOOD FRIEND! DO YOU HEAR DAT WAYNE??! IN YOUR FACE! ( sticks tongue out.)

phyllis.. and ruth's vio.., shes " wearing it" right right phyllis?? (yea yea i know.. lame lame..w.t.v!)

and then we went home. where yummy dinner was waiting..:

And my dad started cracking jokes when my bro refused to eat the eye of the fish..He was talkin abt some guy who swallowed the eyeball of a fish and it got stuck in his ( ahem) butthole..-- where i reminded him i was EATING. The joke was sooo lame...

Me:( while chewing on a piece of beef) dad, that is sooo lame.

Dad: ( points at the piece of beef) that is not lame( lamb) , it's beef!

Me:(sighing) I thought i was bad..

well i guess i noe where i inherited my lame-ity.. lol

phew.. i finally finished.

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