Thursday, May 28, 2009

Phew.. another day almost over...

Yay! My lets see... is it third? ya i think its the 3rd.. post! i have no idea what interesting stuff to write so i'm just gonna stick with the usual....MY DAY thing... hehe.. call me lame, i'm used to it..i was actually going to write about sports day yesterday but i was too engrossed in my novel that i forgot about it until it was 12 something a.m. and i decided it was seriously not worth opening my computer so late and waiting for everything to load.
Anyway, yesterday was sports day and i was so tired although i didn't participate in any event except march past.I was hot and sticky by the time the opening ceremony was finished. I kept my phone in my pocket and tried to take pictures but standing at ATTENTION and with Mr. Wan standing nearby i could only sneak a shot on the tracks.. It's not really great but hey, at least I managed to get something.. sorta.. i think..
Can you see it?? Ok. i admit it's a bad shot. o well. Lemme explain. those are the opening ceremony balloons which were "released" . You see that tiny speck over there? Yea that's it. ( lame.. but hu cares)..

Yup. This is my house.. ( i mean sports house not where i live) ..CLOVER.. We really suck but lets not get into that.

And this , my friend, was lunch. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. It was so salty, i told Maggie they probably salted the chicken while they were alive..( lame again.. hehe). Good thing my mum got me fried rice ( home made.. hehe) . Sorry no pics since i GOBBLED it up real fast..

Anyway, that was sports day. OOOhhhhhhh~ almost missed out a piece of info.. i saw this hot guy at the stadium. ( winks at ruth) haha.. ok i know you're bored.. let's move on.. hahahahahah~
Back To today.
School was.. um boring i guess.. good thing we didn't have extra class.. phew.. i might have died of boredom.
Ruth came over after school. We were supposed to have violin class but the teacher couldn't make it. So we decided to do homework/ studies together but not before watching tv and munching on some junk.

Ruthbell officially yawning.

And ruthbell was really tired:

hehe.. :D

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