Monday, May 25, 2009

Blgging.. hmm

Yay! My first post! To be honest, I never knew what a blog was till about a week ago when Ruth kindly told me.. hehe..
Since i'm supposed to be talking about my day, ( right? ), then yay! lets start!!
Today was most TIRING. I slept at like around 12am( which is probably supposed to be early for some ppl) and found it most difficult to get up for school. I practically brushed my teeth with my eyes closed and somehow managed to get ready and into my dad's car. Ruth, Wayne, Tony and me then went to school. ( Joy..) We were stuck in a jam on the way and i had to use a lot of my leg muscles to walk/run to my class lugging my bag, lunch bag, file( half broken) and two past year books( i.e. really heavy books with more than 200pgs)..
in school, we had march past in the morning( more joy..) and it was really really tiring cosidering i was already tired. It's pretty irritating marching around your school swinging your arms, walking through mud and sand and screaming "left left leftright left" when you're extremely tired- if u know what i mean...
Afterwards we had lessons as usual with our bio teach lecturing us on how much our bio SUCKED.. bla bla bla...-I ''secretly"smuggled bread into my mouth during class so I wouldn't fall asleep.
FINALLY it was lunch time.. which i enjoyed with ruth and others...
After school and after extra classes, we went home. i was worn out..
Anyway..i don't feel like typing anymore.. nothing special.. still contemplating about me and ruth's "talk".. (top secret ah~) although the neighbours probably heard, it we were talking so loud... wtv. TIIIIRRRREEEDDDD~ shall resume tomorrow.. phew!
( what do i write at the end??) ok.. um..
THE END ( i'm lame so sue me ..)

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