Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today was a tiring day.. sort of.. In the morning there was this haze thinggy (acc to my dad) which could be seen covering the place and my bro said the air smelled horrible.. i was too lazy to try. My dad kept sneezing ( he's really allergic to dust, animal hair, some sort of pollen.. u name it) so he decided to use a really interesting method....:
Yea.. dats my dad..

And then i decided to spend the rest of my time deleting mail messages: 1000+ of them.. before sending one to my "babysitter" in Hungary.. gosh i juz realised my hungarian is deteriorating real fast.. i can barely type it properly..sigh.. o well.
I was so busy doing all that that i forgot the time and had to rush to church for my prophetic class.. :

Where i decided to use my break time to some snapping...

...and found that drawing the lesson out was much more fun.....
After class i waited for the youth church to begin with some candy n entertainment..:

..the entertainment...
and... the candy...

Then we had service.. and went home- wayne driving us.... ( not):

correction: wayne pretending to be driving us..
This blogging thing has really triggered the take- a- pic- of- everything- u -do part of me.. haha
The day was basically fine except i was kinda disappointed or myb hurt... i dunno .. by someone. well i guess it's not the person's fault.. i think. ok it sorta is.. but.. well.. ppl change n i guess u soon realise which friend really matters.. har har~ok im talkin crap again.. i guess i better shut up b4 someone falls asleep from reading this..
-Diary, here i come!!!

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