Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just found out that looking for blogskins for one's blog is really hard work man.. It gives me ( and ruthbell) a headache..Anyway, let's start from the beginning of the 26th of may for captian cushion........
In the morning, i had to wake up earlier for sports rehearsals in some bolasepak stadium thing. We ( ruth, wayne, tony n me) arrived early at the stadium and waited till the rehearsals started. Thank God that it was kinda cloudy so we didn't have to march in the sun. I was totally dehydrated by the time i reached the stands( where our seats were) and totally exhausted. The sun had decided to come out at 11 so it wasn't all that bad. Still, my thirst was so overwhelming i couldn't help complaining a little ( come on, we'd been marching for almost 3hrs k?)

ME:Miiiiiiiiiiissssssssss!! I'm thirsty!! i want water....!! ah~~
TEACHER:well there's nothing i can do..
ME:but but but but.. when are we going back then??
TEACHER:in a minute we'll be going back.. and we'll give you a special drink.

In the end, after around 10 minutes, we finally made it back... and the special drink was ( drum roll please): glucose water.... yea.. glucose plus water.. half a cup..

but i was so thirsty, i gulped it all down and finished half a bottle of water plus some gatorade..
after lunch i watched ruthbell run in the 800m race. She was so good!! She got 3rd place. I cheered for her loudly...!

anyway, after rehearsals i went to boops' house where we tried REALLY REALLY HARD to change my blog template. Unfortunately, NO SUCCESS we tried lotsa different ways NOOOOOO-~! some sort of ERROR just had to appear.. in the end.. impatience got the better of us and we decided to give up on the stupid thing.

Anyway, so i'm back home typing comfortably. I just had piano lesson where my piano teacher kept firing questions at me about christianity.. i happily explained to her and was joyful over her enthusiasm. Except that we didnt have time to finish lessons properlybut it was WORTH IT . most definitely..

well tomorrow's sports day, and i seriously hope i don't get real tanned ( o wait, i already am.. o well).. I have a feeling it's gonna be PRETTY busy.. and tiring..(gosh i never stop using that word do i?.. lol) O WELL...

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